The Happiness Planner



First off, how candid are these photos…am I right?! Just kidding. I felt like a real blogger today posing on a chaise. Anyways, The Happiness Planner is amazing. I was so excited to test it out & share it with you all.

The planner starts off in parts asking you to answer questions about yourself and your goals. I really enjoyed this part because it makes you think and be honest. It also includes quotes and life inspiration.

The next part makes you set a goal for the next 100 days and has 100 different entry spots. It starts with a weekly reflection and goals for this week. This includes time-management goals, financial goals, work goals, personal goals & rewards. I really love this because it makes you write down what you want and how to get it. It helps to write things out instead of having it all jumbled inside your head. For an organizational freak like me, this is super useful.

After that, there are spots for each day of the week. On each day you fill out inspiring thoughts, exercises, today’s goals, meals; schedule; to-dos, good things about today, what I hope for tomorrow, notes & ideas. This makes you write down your schedule like a normal planner, but also helps you reflect on your day. It will be nice to look back on these pages at the end of each week, month, etc.

Overall, this planner is perfect. I love how it is a schedule and a journal. It isn’t your typical planner & I really like that. It helps you write your thoughts in words & reflect on yourself. I highly recommend it. I plan to use it alongside my planner for school, work & Posh Prime.




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